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K08 HS15700-05
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Deaf People and Healthcare
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PA00-010 - Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award (K08)
DESCRIPTION (PROVIDED BY THE APPLICANT): Steven Barnett M.D. is a family physician whose career has focused on healthcare with deaf people and families who communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). Deaf people who communicate in ASL are a medically underserved and understudied vulnerable minority. Dr. Barnett's career goal is to be a leading expert and independent researcher on the topic of health and healthcare with deaf people and their families. The University of Rochester is an ideal place to work toward that goal since Rochester has a large deaf population, and the University of Rochester Medical Center is motivated to become a center of excellence on health promotion and disease prevention with people who are deaf. In order to achieve his goal, Dr. Barnett will pursue more advanced research training, including formal coursework leading to a Master in Public Health in Clinical Investigation. He will also work with mentors, consultants and advisors to create individualized curricula focused on mixed quantitative and qualitative research skills development, advanced ASL skills development, and psychometrics, including issues related to translation and adaptation of English language tools for use with non-English populations. Dr. Barnett will work with his mentors to conduct three research projects to further his research skills development and to obtain new and valuable information about deaf people and their families. Using capture-recapture methodologies, Dr. Barnett will partner with deaf community organizations to estimate the size of the Rochester deaf community. In the second project, Dr. Barnett will use quantitative methods with an administrative database to learn about emergency department (ED) encounters that used sign language interpreter services. In the third project, Dr. Barnett will work with mentors, consultants, and advisors to adapt the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) to collect information in ASL from deaf people about factors that may contribute to their ED use. Dr. Barnett will bring the data and analyses back to a community advisory board, and they will work together to plan future research and interventions to address the health disparities experienced by deaf people and their families, a goal consistent with Healthy People 2010 and essential for advancing excellence in healthcare.
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